Gasp Online Lesson History Ebook and Manual Creator

We are proud to announce the birth of our most advanced feature to date, the all new Lesson History Ebook/Online manual.

This is an online product which is purchased by pupils from their coach & contains a full page by page lesson history, including playing videos, descriptive text of all topics covered in each lesson and can also contain as many shop promotions and sponsored adverts as the coach deems appropriate to upload. The pupil simply logs on to the internet, enters their username and password and turns the uploaded pages just like a book. Videos can also be streamed to mobile phones such as the iPhone, blackberry similar, so it is now possible to record a clip, send it to a coach and play the returned video clip without even leaving the driving range.

It can also be used by the coach as a monthly online shop magazine or if you’ve always wanted to publish your own teaching methods along with drills & videos, now’s your chance.

The History Ebook creator is available in both our brand new video products, GaspLab and our latest release, Gasp HS. It allows the coach to create & customise any of the internal pages & also brand the front cover to their own business or Golf Club.

In the age of the permanently online Internet and Video Phone, it was important for us as a software company to stay right at the very forefront of technology & push the boundaries of what will surely be, if it isn’t all ready, a part of everyone’s daily life. So as the coach you will be now able to upload an “Internet Lesson” from our software to the Ebook instead of only being able to upload a link to just the video.

Even if you don’t have Internet access at your teaching location it’s not a problem because in just a few seconds a video can be “saved” to any number of Ebook clients within our software. Then at the end of the day when you have a WiFi connection you can “publish” to the selected Ebook clients, it’s really that simple.