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Gasp Lab Studio Software and System

GASP Lab 6 (64 Bit) systems is a major breakthrough is video capture for coaches.

Video Capture has never been so powerful and with 64 bit technology we can maximise the capture rates and resolutions of cameras to give multi- camera capture at maximum capacity. Typically if you had a 32 bit program you would have had to reduce your frame rate and resolution of your cameras to stay well withing 2gig of RAM as ristriction that 32 bit brings. The more you added the more reduce the camera frame rate and resolution even if you cameras were capable of much more. Now with GASP Lab 6 we cam use all of the Ram available in your machine so now there is no ristrictions. Example 3 Cameras running at HD on a 32 bit system would need to ristricted to 60 fps, now you can run a 250 fps. It also makes for a faster system and has allowed us to integrate with more things.

Golf Swing Mobile App for iPhone and iPad

GOLF SWING MOBILE from GASP Systems Ltd is available for the iPhone, Ipad, iTouch designed by one of the leading Golf Swing Analysis Software developers in the world.

Download Golf Swing Mobile